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three giraffes made out of construction paper and pencils on a table
Kynäteline, Facebook-löytö
an assortment of different colored wooden poles and balls on display in a window sill
there are many different toy items on the floor in front of each other, including toilet paper
Koulun kässä ja teku: talouspaperiteline
four different colored toothbrush holders sitting on top of a counter
Koulun kässä ja teku
several pieces of art made out of plastic and wood with balls on them, sitting on top of plywood planks
some toys are laying on the floor and one is blue with a brown bear in it
Setti: Talouspaperirullateline ja servettiteline
three toilet paper holders, one with an apple and the other with two diamond shaped toothbrushes
Servetti- ja talouspaperitelineet
three different colored wooden boxes with logos on the top and bottom, all in different colors