Beautiful watercolor by Ilya Ibryaev

Beautiful watercolor by Ilya Ibryaev (Илья Ибряев)

Beautiful watercolor by Ilya Ibryaev

Viktoria Prischedko

Love how all the colours seem to flow, and how the loose structure can still create a recognisable image :D

Focus of Light on Fall Trees (watercolor on paper, 15x11) by Karlyn Holman

The Beauty of Backlight in Watercolor Paintings

Artist Karlyn Holman shares her painting technique for creating a beautifully backlit watercolor landscape. From Watercolor Artist magazine.

Autumn Trees by Robin Miller-Bookhout

Autumn Trees Robin Miller-Bookhout “Unlike the bough that shook off her dead leaves violently like a wet terrier, unlike the beating of the butterfly, her wings, against the cocoon, some dreams never made a move.

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