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no one

i love you with all of my heart, mind, and soul, you are the only one for me. and every second I am not talking to you I miss all of u, including the scars and cuts. did you cut today?

Too dark

Black and White depressed depression sad suicide self harm cutting anorexia sadness darkness my head I HATE MY LIFE selfhate anorexia nervosa im ugly depressions i hate me im fat dark place i wanna die bulimie. I even scare my 3 year old sister

picture marks 365 days without cutting or self harm.look at her arms.I just want to hug her!This is really really sad, and i really want to hurt the people that made this beautiful girl want to do this


This image relates to harm reduction because the facility provides a safe environment for individuals to properly and safely cut. The facility is also equipped with registered nurses incase anything does go wrong (in-class discussion,March