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film mine hayao miyazaki studio ghibli Howls Moving Castle hmc studioghibligif literally the best quote tbh

*slaps whoever made this* NO *hugs* I'm sorry. I don't normally hit people, but this is unacceptable

Shiro's Mistake by kimiezz << I used to know what happiness was. and then I discovered fan art. I agree so much with the person ho wrote this comment. Shiro u r NOt weak! And u didn't lose them they lost u but THAT DOESNT MATTER RIGHT NOW

...pinning just for Erwin at the door.

Aahh ah. Owo i just ship them so hard lol. Levi u sneaky lil bitch. Lololol erens face like "wot ze fuck is happening right now!

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I'm not reposting because of the biggots that day I have to because I don't. Fuck you. I'm reposting because this is serious

I believe that all people should dress modestly, but I find it unsettling when people argue that immodest clothing is an excuse for an act like rape.