Shopping is my middle name
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KPop Fans Can Relate Like in B.P, I freaking love Youngjae and Himchan, but I can't ever decide which one I love most. Same with SHINee, I love Onew and Taemin, but I can't decide which I like better ~~ can't decide with any member this is bad

This is me. Every day.

Accurate AF especially cuz I'm a swimmer<< Well, shit. I'm not a swimmer.


My dad started calling me Jinjja, because it was one of the first korean words I knew so I said it a lot.

TaeTae, the baby magnet is so cute~ What if this was what actually happened in ISAC 2015? | allkpop Meme Center

TaeTae, the baby magnet is so cute<<< Taehyung with babies and children is honesty one of my favourite things, it's just too cute. Whenever I see it I smile, why does he have to be such a bias wrecker 😫


Over 7 billion people are in this world. only 7 of them will marry BTS, and i will not be one of them:( 😭😭😭 May the odds ever be in ur favor