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there is a cake made to look like a tire with wrenches on it and words written in red
Truck Tire Grooms Cake
fondant covered truck tire with chocolate molded tools, nuts, bolts. THanks to all the cc inspiration and help when I was stuck trying to place my inscription- Ended up on the cake board and worked perfectly with the design
a birthday cake decorated with wrenches and screws
Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts by Urvi Zaveri
a black hat with a white shirt and red rose on top that says 700th birthday
Bond cake
This birthday cake for young gentleman and a very big James Bond fan
a small square cake with a wooden watch in the middle on a gold and white plate
Watch Box
A mini cake for a co-worker who loves watches. The box sides are modelling chocolate, everything else is fondant.
a close up of a cake with a body on it's back and arms
a birthday cake with a speedometer on it's side that says happy birthday tom
40th birthday cake for men
40th birthday cake for men