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From ramen to udon to soba to pho, noodles are a new-again trend filling bowls across the nation. But can these often-instant soups really be good for you?

Orange Street

Osaka Castle, shopping at Shinsaibashi, cafe-hopping at Orange Street; Osaka radiates its own charm and deserves to be loved for many reasons.

A Luxury Spa Day At Arima Onsen (That Won’t Break The Bank) On the main island of Honshu lies the prefecture of Hyogo. Just to the west of Osaka and Kyoto you’ll find the harbour city of Kobe. Kobe nestles between the Inland Sea and Mt. Rokko. Behind Mt. Rokko lies the ancient onsen resort of Arima.

Arima is one of Japan's most popular onsen, dating to century, is luxurious, but it's possible to indulge spa here without breaking the bank.

If you’ve just got one day in the Japanese city of Kyoto, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many temples and shrines! Here’s your guide to the best things to see in just one day.

If you’ve just got one day in the Japanese city of Kyoto, Learn how to travel for free!