These lamps are built one at a time by a true car guy. They are built using real car parts. It features a billet car distributor. The base is made from a car

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Tables and chairs made from old car parts? Grills and wood burners made from old car parts? Kitchen sinks and lamps made from old car parts? Car parts made from old car parts?

diy Jet Engine - Pesquisa Google

diy Jet Engine - I like to say that 100 years ago there wasn't one of these on the planet, and today people can make one in their home shop.

Homemade Jet Engine 2.0 | 2. Testrun

Here you see the second test run to the new jet engine. unfortunately it is not self sustain, so we have to improve some parts of the engine.


Difference between turbojet and turbofan click right now difference between turbojet and turbofan