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a chrome faucet on a white background with the water running from it's spout
Kitchen faucet La Cucina Alessi Sense by Oras. Design: Rodrigo Torres
a modern faucet with black and white accents on the side, in an empty room
Wash basin faucet Il Bagno Alessi Sense by Oras. Design: Rodrigo Torres.
a faucet that is sitting on top of a table
New Oras faucets - Easy to use, Ecological, Safe. Smart included.
a green zippered pouch sitting on top of an open laptop computer
INFMETRY:: Felted Wool Pen Bag - for insulin pens also? protecting them freezing?
a glass jar filled with lots of rocks and writing on the inside of it's lid
Fort Myers Museums, Attractions, Things To Do | Edison Ford Winter Estates
Guestbook stones
a person laying in bed with two lights on their feet and one hand reaching for something
150+ Coolest Gadgets for Men
A lamp with take along glow balls for walking places in the middle of the night.
a faucet that is sitting on top of a white sink in front of a black wall
Fantastic design! Oras Vienda smart washbasin faucet
a rope wrapped around a wooden post in front of some plants
Rope Fence - Hawaii
Rope fence - Hawaii by pls47, via Flickr; how rope fence can bind without hooks
two wooden posts with rope on them in front of a red wall and grass area
Gardening | ehow
Nautical Rope Fence
a bathroom sink sitting next to a wooden table with candles on it and a deer head hanging above the sink
Nautical chart serviettes, Rauma Finland Nautical, Art, Rauma Finland, Nautical Chart, Finland, World Map
merihenkinen sisustus- ja vaateliike Turku
Nautical chart serviettes, Rauma Finland
a living room filled with furniture and wall decals
Little birds, wall decoration stickers