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a dog is wading in the water near some rocks
Basset fauve de bretagne by the sea with swans
two wooden boats docked in the water at a dock with other boats behind them,
Wooden boat "Juanita"
some food is sitting on the ground next to two pots and pans with spaghetti - Domain gecatcht
This is exact same kind of kitchen system "trangia", which we use when we are travelling with boat.
there is a boat in the water with a railing on it's side and some buildings in the distance
Etusivu -
wooden boat, in the archipelago of Rauma Finland
a blue rope is attached to the side of a wooden fence with a heart shaped knot
Lake Hiwassee: Photos and videos on Google Maps, the WIKI-way
Boat rope
a blue tube is tied to the side of a boat with rope on it and water in the background
the boat's fender
an old wooden boat is tied up to the water's edge with rope around it
brown dress with white dots
love a wood boat