in the sauna

country house sauna with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley

wood sauna

Rustic Log Cabin Design with Stunning Interiors

San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a luxury chalet located in San Lorenzo di Sebato, Italy. Overlooking the town of Brunico and the Plan de Corones mountain wit

Finnish sauna made of deadwood

Finnish sauna-elements made of deadwood, design by Jonas Hakaniemi for Uhtua…


Sauna (SOW-NA) buckets and the ladles. memories, and eventually more to…

More Secrets of the Finnish Sauna

More Secrets of the Finnish Sauna-This reminds of my childhood's first sauna I used to go to a public sauna with my father and there used to be a lady washer who washed people's backs.

Finnish Sauna

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna (savusauna) made out of logs in Oulu Province, Finland.

Kotiharjun Sauna Oy - Harjutorinkatu 1 - 00500 Helsinki - FINLAND - Harjutorin sauna - puulämmitteiset miesten- ja naistensaunat - tilaussauna perheille ja ryhmille

Wood heated sauna in downtown Helsinki

Many apartments in Finland have saunas too, no matter how small :)

A sauna in my house! Many apartments in Finland have saunas too, no matter how small :)

Valmet Sauna Thermometer

Valmet, Made in Finland Sauna Thermometer.

sauna design

Interior of the traditional Juuka based smoke sauna introduced in the Wall…