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TGIF you laugh you lose Your Internet in a nutshell PMSLwebButton 3


Pedal paint idea I've been thinking about.

Dotwork style electronic tree tattoo on the upper back.

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Where the Wild Things Are.Maurice Sendak One of the coolest childrens/ADULTS book ever written.

drugs vs bud always repost

Marijuana helps relieve depression, stops pain, and generally improves your mood. It is safe, calming, and makes one's life pleasant.

Cannabis nutrient deficiencies

“The Cannabis Encyclopedia” Book Excerpts

Colorado Shiva: How to Grow Marijuana Indoors (Including TONS of Tips not Just Schedule)

Sexing make feminized cannabis seeds


People have no idea how many products cAn be produced using the hemp plant. Not even in a drug related way . It is cheaper, grows faster and is less damaging to the environment. Using the hemp plant for production has nothing to do with promoting or

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Lúcuma 05 cover, artwork by Lisete Alcalde