Antti Rannanjärvi & Antti Isotalo. One man's convicted knife fighter is an other man's freedom fighter.

Finnish gang members, Antti Rannanjarvi and Antti Isotalo

Suistamolainen kanteleensoittaja Iivana Lösönen

The Finnish kantele played by Iivana Lösönen. - Also my grandma use to play her harp (harps, she got a few of them)äiset

Dialects of Latvian in Latvia. Varieties of the Livonian dialect (Lībiskais dialekts) are in blue, the Middle dialect (Vidus dialekts) in green, the Upper dialect (Augšzemnieku dialekts) in yellow

CUlture House of Livoniansäiset

CUlture House of Livoniansäisetäisetäiset

Johannes Linnankoski

Johannes Linnankoski