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a multicolored rug with flowers and words written in black ink on the bottom
a tapestry hanging on the side of a wall next to a white door with a red house
Billedvev "på fjellet" av Ida Kastås Svendsen
a painting of pink flowers in a vase
Dimity Kidston Fresh Flowers Tapesrty
an image of a bird with flowers painted on it's back side, sitting on the ground
an image of a rooster on a blue background
two people are standing in the grass with trees and sunflowers on their backs
Carol Johnson’s Tapestry Collection: People
an image of three people standing in front of each other with their hands on their hipss
an embroidered pattern with flowers and leaves on the front, in yellow threadwork is shown
:fire:NEW Download Printable Botanical Embroidery Pattern Embroidery Pattern Modern Embroidery
a close up of a piece of embroidery on a table