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I’ve researched and tested hundreds of backpacking tents to narrow down the  field to the very best of the best. I’ve heavily factored in weight, cost,  interior space, design, storage space, and weather protection into my  choices.

The price tag on the ZPacks Hexamid Duplex Tent may seem like highway robbery, but if you’re an avid backpacker, it’s worth every penny and then some. This tent is incredible, here’s why:

Tarptent Ultralight Shelters

Full clip-in/clip-out mesh or solid interior offers copious sleeping space and headroom.

MoTrail Tent 2 Person, 36 oz, $259 at

A two-pound TarpTent on the Alaskan tundra Look at The tents and shelters listed in my 9 pound gear list. It has recommended Tents and TarpTents in the "Sleeping Gear and Tent/Shelter" section. And then take a look