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Don't Try to Explain Yourself to Idiots snarky Subversive Funny Dirty Bestie Cross Stitch Pattern Instant Download - Etsy
a person holding a coffee mug with the words poe mea a cup on it
Where can i find this exact cup?? The ones i found on etsy don't look the same :( - Poe me a cup coffee mug
two pictures one with a seal and the other with an egg in it's mouth
20 Things That Are Hilariously Similar To Each Other (Part 1)
a black and white photo with the words wow, that was rather inappropriate let's be friends
Omg this reminds me of myself at J. Cole's concert. And boom, I made a new friend! *Ghent*, parking but whatevaaaa.
sorry 'bout the language but this is funny! how many people do you want to say this to? Funny Stuff, Work Humour, Funny Ecards, Funny As Hell, Work Humor, Ecards Funny
sorry 'bout the language but this is funny! how many people do you want to say this to?
a dog sitting in front of a pizza with the caption yeah, i'm into fitness
haha story of my life
Wooden Spoon Survivor Pet Peeves, Magic Kingdom, Relatable Shirts, Wooden Spoon Survivor, Silly Questions, Sport Outfit, Back To School Outfits, Funny T
Brooklyn Backroom
Wooden Spoon Survivor
two chickens in a large metal bowl with the caption, rellate anatassia, estos dias tods todos comen pescado
Klaudia (@She_Devil643) on X
Dog days of summer in the hen yard....