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Riddhi Sheth

Riddhi Sheth
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Epic Cheese Pull: How Taco Bell Nailed Its Innovative New Quesalupa

After debuting the Quesalupa in a Super Bowl ad, Taco Bell is continuing its quest to become fast food’s most-craveable company.

L'Oréal's Latest Beauty Secret: It's Acting Like A Tech Company. loreal's UV rays skin patch is filled with tech

L'Oréal's Latest Beauty Secret: It's Acting Like A Tech Company If My UV Skin patch is successful, you'll forget that it's filled with sophisticated technology.

A telescope inspired from dragonfly eyes, to explore other galaxies

How to Discover a Galaxy with a Telephoto Lens - Issue Space - Nautilus

What would space be like in 2116 and here is what we will do in 2116

Nuclear-Powered Robot Ship Could Sail Seas of Titan >>>> An artist concept of proposed mission to the Saturn system, the Titan Saturn System Mission, which includes a mothership, lake lander and a balloon probe.

The Neurologist Who Hacked His Brain—And Almost Lost His Mind

Neurologist Phil Kennedy set out to build the ultimate brain-computer interface. In the process he almost lost his mind.


Magic Leap Lifts the Veil on Its Vision for Mixed Reality (Video)