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sophisticated vocabulary   ♣  15.7.1

Positive and negative words for mood, moment, character and emotions, feelings, behavior -- Great for writing folders

How to Use Tennis Ball to Relieve Sciatic Pain and Back Pain

Sciatic pain is not a disorder rather it is a symptom of another problem involving your nerve. This article will help you learn how to do tennis ball therapy which helps to relieve sore muscles and muscle tension, and can relieve sciatica and back pain.

Arthritis Gadgets: Be a Pack Rat

Is arthritis making everyday activities a challenge? Everyday Health scoured the Internet for terrific arthritis gadgets to ease daily life. Check them out.

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North Shore Pediatric therapy provides resource for helping parents and teachers with Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD).

Kids develop at different rates, but there are milestones that they generally meet. Here are typical ages for the development of writing skills.

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Hi there friends…you keep asking for more Hack posts and believe me…you will be getting more very soon…but we thought maybe you would like a few Dog Hacks…some helpful little tips and then some very informative infographics for your furry friends!  Sure hope you enjoy and we hope we get a 4 paws up from …

Pupy Training Treats - This simple trick is to calm pets (dogs or cats) in some loud noise situation… - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! Youll love the dog clothes and cat clothes! - How to train a puppy?