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a room with white floors and yellow doors
Pomysł na przedszkole w stylu skandynawskim
the words are written in red on white paper
an underwater scene with fish, corals and seaweed
a table with different words and pictures on it
svenska – skolfröken fräken
a white wall with many different colored words in the center and an orange circle on top
a color wheel with the names of different colors
Årshjul, A4 och A3-format
stickers depicting monkeys in bed with doctor and nurse on the wall behind them that says 1234
22 Fun Monkey Crafts, Parties and Printables for Kids
there are many stuffed animals in the knitted basket on this white tableclothed cloth
Mobile Mitten
an image of stickers with animals and people on them in different colors, sizes and shapes
Vaarin kinnas flanellikuvat
a circle that has different types of things on it, including trees and snowmen
Skolestart - Opgaveskyen.dk
an illustrated book with pictures of bears and other animals in different stages of their life
Mariaslekrum - Illustrerade sagor.