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an outline map of europe with all the countries
Euroopan valtiokartta. Tätä voit käyttää pohjana erilaisissa karttatöissä.
the snow covered mountains are very high up in the air with people standing on them
Postikortteja Pohjolasta
Postikortteja Pohjolasta/Norja
two bicyclists are riding down the street in front of people on bikes
Postikortteja Pohjolasta
Postikortteja Pohjolasta/Tanska
a large boat floating on top of a river next to a lush green forest covered hillside
Postikortteja Pohjolasta
Postikortteja Pohjolasta/Ruotsi
a large geyser spewing water into the sky
Postikortteja Pohjolasta
Postikortteja Pohjolasta/Islanti lyhyt opetusvideo
a drawing of people standing in line with their arms around each other and the names of different countries on them
How old? - Scandinavia and the World
How old? - Scandinavia and the World: the time the countries were settled NOT the land masses
an animated map of europe with the country name and flag on it's side
Norden (Geografi) - www.binogi.se
Norden (Geografi) - Studi.se - YouTube
the waterfall is surrounded by mossy rocks
Jon Mark - Tintagel & Pictures from Iceland
Pohjoismaat: kuvia Islannista
a man holding a microphone standing in front of a crater
Islanti: Kiehuvaa vettä
Islanti: kiehuvaa vettä
the worksheet for an english language lesson with pictures and words on it, including luggage
Anniinan OpenIdeat
Open ideat
a moose is standing in the grass and looking at the camera with its mouth open
Avara luonto - Villi Pohjola (3/6) Ruotsi - YouTube
the sky is filled with white clouds and green grass, as well as blue skies
Denmark is beautiful
Denmark. Enjoy! - YouTube
the text is made up of small pixels
Pohjoismaiden kartta.
an animal that is standing in the grass
Avara luonto - Villi Pohjola (4/6) Tanska - YouTube