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an open christmas book with santa riding a sleigh in the sky and trees
Christmas art journal series | Week 4 | Vicky Papaioannou
a piece of cloth is laying on top of some fabric with blue and white flowers
beauty in simplicity…
a christmas card with the words from london with love written on it and an image of santa
From London, With Love...
six christmas cards on a table with pine branches and owl images in the middle one has a red plaid background
an abstract painting with blue, orange and white colors
tutorial: what to do with your leftover chipboard
an altered photograph of two people standing next to each other on a piece of paper
an open book with a red and orange guitar on it's cover sitting on a wooden table
152 'Comfort zone'... art journaling
a woman holding a pencil in her right hand and drawing on an open book with flowers
Beauty Without Art Journal Page
an altered book with mickey mouse and other things on it's pages, including a cat
A little book for AALL & Create
an art journal with some crafting supplies on it
Monday Mixed Media "Hope" - 10/22/12