Sternchen gehäkelt unterschiedliche Weise.

Sternchen gehäkelt unterschiedliche Weise.

Ravelry: Galerie de projets pour le modèle Écharpe en tricot Murano par Svetlana Gordon

Knitted Scarf Murano pattern by Svetlana Gordon

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Knitted Scarf Murano pattern by Svetlana Gordon

6 quick knitting projects to whip up during that extra hour of Daylight Saving Time this weekend!

6 Quick Knitting Projects: Patterns You Can Knit in Under an Hour

A maddycraft project pattern that combines knitting and knotting. With a few twists and turns, I-Cord becomes a Celtic Heart Knot

Felted sweater wreath ornaments (to felt 100% wool sweater wash with hot water and run it through the drier.

thrifted sweater ornaments recycling ideas: felt ornaments tutorial, kids craft ideas it’s all about doing more with less this holiday season.

Lanka Merinovilla Puikko 6 Luo 120 silmukkaa Neulo suljettuna neuleena noin 50cm. Päättele seuraavat 20 silmukkaa, neulo 40 silmukkaa, päättele 20 silmukkaa, neulo 40 silmukkaa. Seuraavalla kierrok...


Are you intimidated by using knit fabric when you sew? Then check out this article full of fantastic tips for sewing with knit fabric.

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