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someone is holding two knitted fish mittens and one has a green stripe on it
Two-Needle knitted socks - free patern
a diagram showing the structure of an animal's body and how it is made
Watermelon Socks, knit flat
Slisen's Happy Place: Watermelon Socks, knit flat
a person is writing on some brown paper next to three bars of soap and a pen
Silkkinen suolasaippua perunoiden keitinvedestä
two pictures of someone's hand holding a pair of knitted slippers, one in white and the other in brown
Helppo ja turvallinen tapa tehdä sytykkeitä! ✨
someone wearing white knitted mittens and gloves
Chaqueta de punto MAREA de mujer – Patrón y tutorial
a pair of knitted slippers next to a wooden heart
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some white flowers are growing in the grass
Pihalta pannulle! Kerää herkullisia villiyrttejä ja villivihanneksia luonnosta
Villiyrtit ja villivihannekset – vinkit keräämiseen ja käyttöön | Meillä kotona