I love the ocean. It can take so many forms and move in so many different ways...  It's such a hopeful, peaceful thing.


❥ WOW now, that's a wave! This is a beautiful picture of the ocean water.

Mother Nature, Portugal

MOTHER NATURE, PORTUGAL Some places are just simply made by our Nature, others are built by humans. There also are places that the nature has made them beautiful, but the men touched them so he could use it and enjoy them.

Autumn waterfall.....

Travel the USA Mirror Lake , Yosemite National Park. California, USA Screw Auger Falls - Maine, Travel the USA Amazing Lakes- Emerald Bay,.

early winter morning

sunset on a frozen pond by katarzyna gritzmann / pink / coral / gray / winter

Beautiful Winter Glow <3

“Sunrise in the snowy woods - Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona, Campigna National Park, Italy by Roberto Melotti”