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a person holding a paper plate with dessert on it and strawberries in the middle
a man is walking down the street with an umbrella in his hand while people walk by
an old building with a clock tower in the middle
Vanhalla torilla
two people standing in front of a large building
Vanhalla torilla
an iron fence surrounding a fountain with a statue in the center and windows behind it
Matkanähtävyys Pissaava poika
two mugs of beer sitting on top of a table next to each other at a restaurant
Brysselin erikoisuus: Kirsikkaolutta
some meat and orange slices on a white plate
Ruokakulttuuria Italialaisessa perheravintolassa
a woman standing in front of a european flag holding a white bag with yellow stars on it
two women sitting at a table with signs in front of them
Olli Rehnin kabinetissa
a group of people sitting around a conference table
Olli Rehnin kabinetissa
two flags flying next to each other on top of metal poles in front of a cloudy sky
Euroopan Parlamenttiin tutustumassa
several flags are flying in the wind near some buildings and stairs on a cloudy day
Euroopan Parlamenttiin tutustumassa
a man is standing in front of the european commission for comunision europee
Euroopan Parlamenttiin tutustumassa