cottage by the lake

Cabin by the lake. except my house wont be green. more like an enviting color. long boat dock on the water

Simple Finnish Summerhouse Inspiration - emmas designblogg

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Ruuanlaiton lomassa

Finnish early potatoes - just add butter. Best thing ever!

Guest house from JABO / Attefallshus Image from:

Guest house from JABO / Attefallshus Image from: Trendenser. Wow, I love this, one of the nicest garden rooms I've seen.

SUMMER VILLA VII, Kustavi | Kesäasunnot ja saunat | Projektit | Arkkitehtitoimisto Haroma & Partners OY

Summer Villa VIII was designed to function as a part-time home for a Finnish family. The house is located in the southern part of Finland on an uninhabited .