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many colorful plates are stacked on top of each other in the shape of flower designs
Artigianato siciliano - Sicilian handicraft
a bed with pillows on it in front of a pink wall
le souffle d'inécha
KKK le souffle d'inécha
there are many vases and bowls on the ground
EMERY&Cie design and artisanl tables, coffee tables and consoles
a green vase sitting on top of a cement slab
Image of Moroccan Greenware - Bowl
the color guide for colors from 2011 to 2013
Fall 2017 Pantone Colors Chart
a wooden bench sitting next to a white wall with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Losari Home & Woman - Kalyana Macrame Cushions losari.com.au
woven baskets and rugs are arranged on the floor
Ethnic Origin Co.
The Basket lovers dream❣Tonga bAskets from Zimbabwe These are winnowing baskets. After maize has been ground it is tossed on these baskets and any rough pieces/husks etc. are then removed. Although they are the same tribe, separation of the two groups has led to a slight differentiation in design. The Zimbabwe type is characterized by its flatness, whereas the Zambian version is deeper with a broader square “foot”.
two white baskets sitting next to each other on the floor
Losari | BOHO, COASTAL, HAMPTONS home + lifestyle
four pillows with different designs on them, all in different colors and sizes are shown
Organic Shine Society
These are my find for today. Organic Shine Society sells handwoven wool cushions made from vintage kilim. All colours come from natural...
an assortment of rugs in different colors and patterns, with the words my exhaustive list of vintage rugs on easy
My Exhaustive Guide to The Best Vintage Rugs on Etsy
While working on my living room makeover, I've found hundreds of gorgeous vintage rug resources — check out my exhaustive list of my favorite @Etsy shops on Jojotastic.com + be sure to bookmark this post for your own interior design project!
a wooden bed with white sheets and pillows on it's headboard is shown
Interior Design Trends 2016: Keep Calm with Minimal Zen
Interior Design Trends 2016 minimal low japanese wooden bed with linen