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File:Moccasins with porcupine bristles, eastern woodlands, 18th or early 19th century - Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde München - DSC0846...

The Native Americans of Virginia where part of a larger group of Native Americans called The Eastern Woodland Indians. The Eastern Woodland Indians were Native Americans that lived in the.

Pair of Moccasins Seneca ca. 1830

Pair of Moccasins Date: ca. 1830 Geography: United States, New York Culture: Seneca Medium: Native-tanned skin, quill, silk, glass

Seneca or Cayuga Pair of moccasins Traditional, mid-19th century Buckskin, porcupine quills, sinew

Seneca or Cayuga Pair of moccasins Traditional, century. These moccasins are made with buckskin, porcupine quills, and sinew. Moccasins are still very popular today. Minnetonka is one of my favorite brands that make Native American inspired shoes.