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ERESHKIGAL - Queen of Death

Her partners can only be others with demonic or devine beings with identical abilities.

GIBIL - Spirit of the Fire

Thitipon Dicruen is a multi-displined artist from Bangkok, Thailand. in Sculpture at Graduate School, Silpakorn University, he starte

SHAMMASH - Lord of the Fiery Disk

SHAMMASH - Lord of the Fiery Disk

SHAMMASH - Spirit of the Sun

The Sun God/Sol invictus of Constantine the great; the master editor of the modern New and Old testaments who died as a pious pagan- Interesting that this sun symbol (and halos) adorn "angels" and Jesus etc. in churches and religious art.

NEBO - Custodian of the Gods

Son of Merodach, God of Wisdom, and the inventor of writing.

Ishtar - Spirit of Venus statue

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