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Helsinki, Finland: Winter frost

The Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland (c) Helsinki Tourism Material Bank/Niklas Sjöblom

Putte's Bar & Pizza (photos: avaruusasema)

Kalevankatu in the city centre has totally new life; lots of nice restaurants and bars as Putte's Bar Pizza (photos: avaruusasema).

Moko market & Cafe.  (Perämiehenkatu 10, Helsinki) http://www.moko.fi/

Nice breakfast on Saturdays.

Essi recommends: The reborn veggie heaven Silvoplee at Toinen Linja 7. http://www.silvoplee.com/

place to have your veggie lunch, silvoplee.


Orange underground in Helsinki

papershop : http://papershop.fi/

papershop : http://papershop.fi/

Great mexican food at Patrona!  (Annankatu 20, Helsinki)  http://patrona.fi

Illustration of the week, bumped into this by accident. Mural @ Patrona, Helsinki by Robin Falck.

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