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Ritva Isokääntä
This is totally cute and I reckon I could knit those little cats all over a cardigan. Cuteness overload!


Группа ВЯЗАНИЕ И ШИТЬЁ РУКАВИЧЕК, ПЕРЧАТОК И МИТЕНОК в Одноклассниках. вязание спицами и крючком рукавичек, перчаток и митенок, шитые рукавички, вяленые рукавички, рукавички для кухни. И все, что связано с этим аксессуаром - схемы, описание, узоры. Группа тематическая, и другие аксессуары не выставлять и не рекламировать.

Ravelry: Cocker Spaniel Mittens pattern by Connie H Design

Cocker Spaniel Mittens

This pattern is avaiable in English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Mitts spoke with Norwegian pattern.

Вязание спицами

Вяжем пальто спицами. - Вяжем вместе он-лайн - Страна Мам // Нина Клибанская


Mittens from Central Ostrobothnia

This is a pattern for mittens from Central Ostrobothnia (Keski-Pohjanmaa) in Finland.

Mittens with a Flap

These are a very loose adaptation of a generic mitten pattern, knitted more tightly than I generally found in the patterns I was perusing online. I added the flaps, because I like mittens with flaps! If you don’t want to do a gauge swatch, it’s fine by me…just try the things on as you go, and take notes as you knit (so the second one will match!).

Latvian Mittens DIY Pattern knitting kit

DIY Pattern knitting kits - Everything we offer you has been a long hours patiently handmade!

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Ravelry: Colorcat Mittens pattern by Connie H Design

Colorcat Mittens pattern by Connie H Design

The size of these mittens is determinded by the gauge and result to be a Woman’s size M

Hanne pattern by Amy Christoffers - free mittens with colourwork pattern - i made these and they're beautiful

Hanne pattern by Amy Christoffers

Stranded colorwork mittens are worked in the round from the bottom up with an after-thought thumb.

Ohje: Hiirenhammasreuna neuleeseen

Ohje: Villasukan nyppyreuna eli hiirenhammasreunus

Kuvallinen neuleohje: Hiirenhammasreuna villasukkaan tai lapaseen

Englannin lakua

Näitä karkkineuleita on tänä syksynä syntynyt enemmänkin. Tällä kertaa oli pakko ostaa karkkipussi kuvausrekvisiitaksi. Idea näihinkin ...