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Such Good Dogs

Finnish Spitz Color: Shades: reddish brown, golden red, white markings Height: Males: 17-20 inches/ Females: 15.5-18 inches Weight: Males: 26.5-35 lbs/ Females: 31-35 lbs Life Span: 12-15 years Breed Health Concerns: None reported Coat: Double coat. Dense, soft, short undercoat/ long, straight, harsh outercoat. Country of Origin: Finland Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information. Hunting tribes traveling across Russia brought these ancient dogs with them 1000s…

Finnish Spitz Dog Breed- We found the 23 most adorable dog breeds that you've never even heard of. These pups may not be a crowd favorite, but they definitely deliver in the cuteness department. Spitz Dog Breeds, Spitz Dogs, Cute Dogs Breeds, Puppy Breeds, Spitz Puppy, Super Cute Dogs, Popular Dog Breeds, Pet Fox, Purebred Dogs

Two Finnish spitz

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Hunter and finnish spitz at fire (happy dog). Spitz Dogs, Fox Face, Dogs And Kids, Shetland Sheepdog, Wild Dogs, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Hunting Dogs, Happy Dogs, Doge

Hunting - Hunter and finnish spitz at fire © toj-01524

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Finnish spitz by Jylppy on YouPic

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Huskies look like wolves, these fellas look like foxes. Spitz Dog Breeds, Spitz Dogs, Winter Senior Photography, English Toy Terrier, Japanese Fox, Fox Dog, Wild Dogs, Samoyed, Hunting Dogs

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The Finnish Spitz originated in Finland several hundred years ago. The breed was completely pure due to isolation from the rest of the World until the 1800's when travellers brought dogs with them. The resulting interbreeding of these new dogs almost wiped out the pure Spitz, until a Finnish sportsman noticed the breed and made a concerted effort to bring their numbers back up. It is classed as a 'bark pointer'; barking at its prey to let the hunters know where they are. They excel at…