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Risto Järvinen

Risto Järvinen
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Battlecry Hattin Falchion Medieval Sword

Battlecry Hattin Falchion Medieval Sword Features: Each of these Medieval Falchion swords, inches long and 2 lbs / 14 oz heavy, undergoes rigorous tests to ensure they exceed the industry standards. Overall: Blade:

Medieval falchion Ityly second half of 14th century

Italian Falchion (second half of the century). Weight 941 g, blade length cm, hilt length crossguard length 14 cm, blade width at the widest point 8 cm. Fischer Auction Research Report

Dwarven Axe No.4 by Faradon

When you think of dwarven warriors, the axe and the crossbow are the weapons that come to mind. Dwarven Axe by Faradon, from Deviantart.