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Risto Suoknuuti

Risto Suoknuuti
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Experts have shared their concerns that the Large Hadron Collider could destroy the Earth, but there are now discoveries of a fifth fundamental force. More collisions will be carried out in April to gather more data.

Data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), have greatly increased what physicists know about the Higgs boson (Professor Peter Higgs pictured).

Time is actually relative, and flexible and, according to Albert Einstein himself, 'the dividing line between past, present, and future is an illusion'. Below in the video Prof. Brian Greene explains this concepts beautifully…. So watch and learn.

Griffith University Associate Professor Joan Vaccaro has put forward a suggestion on why there’s a difference between the future and the past.

Night Walk

The Milky Way across the sky at Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Acadia National Park, Maine. Everyday we take for granted another one of GOD's stunning originals.

While exploring the lunar surface, China’s Chang’e 3 lander discovered a new type of moon rock, and managed to snap THOUSANDS of high-resolution images of the moon.   For the first time ever, you can take a peek at the lunar surface like never before thanks to the sophisticated cameras located onboard the Chang’e 3, one of China’s most advanced lunar landers.

On December China’s Yutu lunar lander and rover, also known as “Jade Rabbit,” touched down on the surface of the Moon, the first landing on the M