All about me craft.  "I am..." Awesome results.  The background was made from cutting colorful pictures from a magazine and then gluing them on.  She typed things that described herself and then cut them out and arranged them over the top.  LOVE this! Tutorial

Great watercolor study - have them practice different watercolor techniques, cut it out and arrange it, then cut words out of magazines idea for names of god

Adjektiiveja minusta - 20 adjektiivia itsestään...

Students must find 20 adjectives that describe themselves. Awesome Beginning of School Activity! What a great way to build a child's self esteem

good for beginning of school year

freebie friday and good character bingo

Newspaper Blackout Poetry

Blackout by wingsnboots: “The village shipwrecks anger ignited by a convent education. And now God is working in a brothel, the bastard dear God! - to die there … ruined beloved brazen and unashamedly.

Color Wheel Lesson

Value lesson Mrs Highsmith Loves Art: Color Wheel Lesson.I think after looking at lots of color wheels, this is my favorite!