Life-Sized Battleship | Youth Pastor Gear

Life-Sized Battleship This would be fun if we competed against another youth group even in a different building and had people in the boats in huge grid in the cultural halls. Calling back and forth on speaker phones. With red and white paper plates

Animal Riddles 2 (Medium)

Animal Riddles 2 (Medium) worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

Verbipeli suomennettuna (alkuperäinen peli:

Verbipeli suomennettuna (alkuperäinen peli:

Bataille navale DIY avec des boites à pizza. 16 jouets très chouettes à base de récup

16 jouets très chouettes à base de récup

It's simple, you each draw yourself a grid on a pizza box, and you each get three "Battleships" made up of shots. If you get hit, you take the shot!