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many different colored dices sitting on top of a wooden table
fish keychains are hanging from hooks on a white board in front of a tile wall
Hand-carved Fish Keychain
"Dear Customers: These highly detailed, miniature carvings are made by hand. Each figure is made from solid oak/beech/basswood and has scales and markings burned into the wood. They are decorated using quality acrylic paints to match the unique details of each aquatic species. The figures are hand dipped with four coats of lacquer. Each carving, real swivel and key ring measure between 5-7 inches in length. The end result of each carved pendant may be slightly different, because the figures are carved and painted by hand. It is difficult to obtain an identical match. But this is the beauty of handmade art. Each piece is unique and special. These carvings make a great gift for the avid fisherman (outdoors man), boater, lake house owner, family member or even children, who love to decorate
an assortment of sea shells and seashells are arranged on a wooden table top
Mystical mystery box
5 item mystery box
the fish are all different colors and patterns on this mosaic tile wall, as well as some yellow flowers
Fish Mosaic: Canary Wharf
an old house sitting on the edge of a cliff by the ocean with dark clouds in the sky
The Bathing House
some rocks and stones with water on them