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// wolf-head ring

// wolf-head ring

Somehow she found her grandfather's old sword, he used to fight in battles. Without a scratch. Without a single mark.

Somehome, the Silver sword remaind untouched. Not a scratch was visible on the perfect sword. Little did the staff knew that this was the sword of Queen Eriáne; the sword that slayed hunderds of Orophers.

People fear of this. Wolves have nothing to harm people! Please speak for the voiceless!

In seconds I'm going to rip your motherfucking throat out. In seconds you will cease to be a problem. Get the fuck outta my Country and I'll let you live, clocks ticking asshole I ain't et yet.

Robb Stark [Game of Thrones, s2] played by Richard Madden

Robb Stark [Game of Thrones, played by Richard Madden

great season to enjoy the gazebo! If only I had one in my back yard?

All Things Preppy

sleeping in his shirt. No need for sexy sleepwear.he is all I need to wear.sleeping with her shirt. helps me sleep better

I could honestly eat Chinese food every single day and never get sick of it! Love it to death!

Coffee & Coconuts original coffee shop set in an a Theater from the twenties in the lovely Pijp area in Amstedam.

Heart of Gold, Mom Enamel Pin