“The earth has music for those who listen.” ~ George Santayana, source: bodhimandala WANT THIS AS A TAT

Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young artists by E Lutz. Flowers pansy

Today's Drawing Class Featuring lessons from the 1921 vintage book "Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young artists"

Old CDs (65,000 of them) used to create garden art as floating waterlilies

Recycled CDs Form Colorful Floating Waterlilies by Bruce Munro. Again, i love re-purposed art; art made of trash. This was quite interesting and i think would look good as an instillation in some city.


Art Lesson: Wassily Kandinsky Art History Game {Art Sub Plans for Teachers}


Find A Special Place To Get Above the World. Tree House, Boys and Books what a great place to read!

Amazing Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster | Marvelous http://www.thisismarvelous.com/i/4-Amazing-Shadow-Sculptures-by-Tim-Noble-and-Sue-Webster

"Dirty White Trash (with Gulls)", shadow art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster - Artwerks

This stained glass Zebra by the amazing artist Jay Gubitz is one of my favorite pieces of stained glass sculpture.

This stunning piece of three-dimensional stained glass sculpture is life-sized! Come to EPiC Arts Festival for a rare opportunity to view this talented man's work.

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21 Hacks To Help You Organize Your Art Studio In 2015

21 Hacks To Help You Organize Your Art Studio In 2015

Enjoy “art as entertainment,” in a relaxed, stress-free group setting. This is not just a class, it is a party! Your instructor will guide guests through the night’s featured painting with s