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Life of 19th Century Farm House

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On-going project since 2009

Key Closet by Ristomatti Ratia. Old - also handmade keys - still in use.

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Paint job

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Kitchen/living area + two bedrooms on the side. Wooden sofa from the late 19th century, the turquoise bed early 20th Century. Armchair on the left from the early 1950's, the right from the 1990's

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Traditional way to dry the hay in Finland. You seldom find these in the countryside these days.

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Peasant style dining table - rooms 12 diners.

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Closet on right will disappear ..

Same wall - without wallpaper.

After removing the old s**t between the lumber. Helluva job!

Closet removed from right (darker spot on a roof)

Kitchen renovation after wall paper / closet removal.