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red white and royal blue

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two men in suits and ties with the caption that reads, henry people data don't interest me and people who interest me i can't date alex
two men sitting next to each other talking
two men in tuxedos standing next to each other holding glasses and looking at one another
two men sitting on a couch talking to each other
Red white and royal blue Twitter <3❤️💙
the text is written in black and white
two men in suits sitting on a couch talking to each other and one man wearing a suit
the text message is being sent to someone on their cell phone, and it's not
a man in a leather jacket is making a funny face while another person looks on
the screen is showing several pictures of people in suits and ties, including one man wearing a suit
a woman sitting in front of a window next to a sign that says red, white and royal blue
lover aka firstprince : the album