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black and white photo of woman in long skirt with cropped top on dark background
two people hugging each other on an escalator in front of a glass building
the tweet is posted to someone about taylor writing lightning strikes every time she moves as a metaphern for papazzii is still one of the best lines she has written
i feel stupid for not realizing the meaning until now
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a tweet with the caption'no but we talk about how painful the lyrc i knew you had all of my what - ifs? '
it's so deep
the text is written in black and white with a photo of a woman's face
two women and one man standing next to each other with the words i love that she just randomly decided to go to the zoo
mine pls dont repost without my permission/creds
a woman in a short skirt is talking on her cell phone while standing next to a man
a bunch of pictures with some words on them and the caption above it that says pov meas soon, as taylor does something
two tweets that have been shared to each other on social media, one has an image of taylor swift
Cats to feED
an advertisement with the words i'm just too soft for all of it
I’m Just Too Soft For All Of It
taylor reading our rep tv's theries on her cell phone while wearing a red beanie
an image of the words aqua marine and moonlight swimming pool what all i need is you?
poster slut! taylor swift🩵