»»I love to paint while listening to Joe Hiraishi's music.
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Greater Jupiter's Moon has Ocean Greater than the Earth (possible extraterrestrial life)

Ganymede A satellite of Jupiter and the largest moon in the Solar System. It is the seventh moon and third Galilean satellite outward from Jupiter. Completing an orbit in roughly seven days, Ganymede participates in a orbital resonance with the moon

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Rosette Nebula (NASA, Spitzer, This infrared image shows the Rosette nebula, a star-forming region more than 5000 ly away in the constellation Monoceros. Lurking inside this nebula are so-called 'danger zones'. These zones surround super hot stat

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Spectacular Milky Way before my eyes: I was at 1900 meters above sea level, at the night. While I was shooting my Time Lapse I stopped filming to take only pictures dedicated to the Milky Way. -by Maurizio Pignotti