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23+ Awesome Tree House Design Ideas http://waveavenue.com/profiles/blogs/23-awesome-tree-house-design-ideas

The 10 Most Beautiful Tree Houses from the Project White Crow Farm Project. Look at all the lights! secret garden should have a pretty tree house like this for children and warm summer nights

Outdoor patio at dusk. Dreamy. #hygge

Lakeside Deck Design

The chairs, the bench seat rather than railings and the fire. but can it e on the deck at all let alone on the bench? I would just change the steps from the deck eating into the deck space.

Hyvällä huolenpidolla ainoastaan sauna ja varaston rappuset on jouduttu uusimaan. Kaikki muu on alkuperäistä.

So in Northern Savo, a young family who dreamed of their own small lakeside sauna, where they could go fishing. Now there is a handsome two-storey winter-style villa and several exterior buildings.