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some pictures are hanging on the wall and there is a sign that says south10
three different pictures with an owl and tree in the middle one is made out of yarn
Sibelius monumentti, Passius Musicae 1967, Aalto maljakko, design by Alvar Aalto, lankatupsuilla Suomen lippu
some cookies are on a glass plate on a wooden table and it is frosted with blue sprinkles
Suomi 100 vuotta lähestyy. Tapaamisessa valtiosihteeri Lehtomäen luona tarjolla Suomi-piparia. #suomi100 #vnk by piianoora
a bulletin board covered in pictures and magnets with people's names on it
Alkuopettajat FB -sivustosta / Susanna enlund
a piece of art that looks like the shape of a map is taped to a wall
Alkuopetus, Virkattu Suomen kartta 1.-2.luokka. Kukin virkkasi kartasta värit katsoen taitonsa mukaan osia Suomeen.
three pieces of blue and white art hanging on a wall