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a white pillow with colorful flowers and birds on the front, along with other decorative items
Yritysten julma yhdistelmä
"Lintu sininen" = Blue Bird pillow
an art piece with many different colored squares and flowers on it's side wall
Colorful Rut Bryk Wall Relief
Colorful Rut Bryk Wall Relief | From a unique collection of antique and modern wall-mounted sculptures at
an image of the virgin mary on a white background with black and gray inks
Rut Bryk, VÄGGRELIEF. - Bukowskis
Rut Bryk - Angel. || Rut Bryk (16 October 1916 - 14 November 1999) is an artist who is primarily known for her ceramic art works. || -Finland
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and shapes, including square objects in the center
Painterly Collage in Rut Bryk’s style (Peony and Parakeet)
Painterly Collage in Rut Bryk’s style
a blue and white plate with children playing in the park on it's sides
rut bryk
rut bryk - Google Search Finland
an artistic piece with a woman holding a child on it's back and another figure in the background
Sculpture, Mother and Child. Designed by Rut Bryk for Arabia
a small sculpture of a person sitting in a chair
Tapio Wirkkala | Rut Bryk
Tapio Wirkkala | Rut Bryk
a painting of a woman holding a child in her arms with birds around her head
Hagelstam & Co | Bryk, Rut*
Rut Bryk; Glazed Ceramic Wall Relief for Arabia, 1950s.