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a woman's legs with gold shoes on top of a pink floor covered in black and white designs
the floor is made out of wood and has black tiles on it, along with white walls
Inspiration & Design Ideas - Antique Floors
a room with wood floors and white walls being painted in the same color as the floor
How to Paint a Harlequin Floor Pattern - Midcounty Journal
the floor is painted blue and white with an arrow pattern on it's side
a close up of a tile design on a wall
an entry way with a skeleton on the door and wallpapered floor in blue
Hand Painted Floors • Segreto Finishes
Creating a “wow” factor in an entry can come from many sources. Lighting, ceilings, walls or in this case…painted floors! It is so fun to see the many steps it takes to create one our our one of a kind hand-painted design!
an old wooden table with white and brown designs on it's surface, as seen from above
Painting Hardwood Is the Inspiring No-Rug-Needed Way to Adorn Your Floors
three pictures showing how to paint an area with black and white squares on the floor
a kitchen floor with green cabinets and checkered tile on the floor, in front of a window
Творческая мастерская DECORETTO