Collection by RpgFinland


Screenshots and art from my very own indie Rpg! https://www.patreon.com/bathillalchemist

Overly Dramatic Game Over Screen by RpgFinland

Overly Dramatic Game Over Screen

Then monsters eat you Overly Dramatic Game Over Screen

The World Map by RpgFinland

The World Map

Made for my classic rpg project! The World Map

Game screen - Bookshelf by RpgFinland

Game screen - Bookshelf

Read books for goods! Game screen - Bookshelf

The Hewe Woods by RpgFinland

The Hewe Woods

Whatch out for bees! Check out gameplay: rpgfinland.deviantart.com/jour… The Hewe Woods

Game screen - Harthville by RpgFinland

Game screen - Harthville

Little town just south of Hewe woods. Game screen - Harthville

Mirstone lights by RpgFinland

Mirstone lights

Bathill Alchemist - Tutorial Poster by RpgFinland

Bathill Alchemist - Tutorial Poster

First chapter demo coming free to play this month! (about 2 hours playtime) Check out my page for screenshots and gameplay previews!^^ Bathill Alchemist - Tutorial Poster

Jadehill by RpgFinland


Blue scary monster in blue woods. Jadehill

DEMO IS OUT! ^^ by RpgFinland


This is the title screen of my rpg project! ^^ Download demo free from my Patreon site! Play it, Note me Cons and Pros, Bugs, silly spelling, and... DEMO IS OUT! ^^