finland / 18, sleepy & soft, probably made of coffee milk or warm blankets, likes every dog on earth and is v v excited about autumn, needs hugs
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Cardigan. Me encanta. Es precioso. Perfecto para una noche de frio en verano.

Chunky open front knit cardigan Large front pockets Oversized and slouchy fit Long sleeves Thick sweater knitted material Available in Beige and Charcoal Co (Fitness Clothes Winter)

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I have a thing for socks, and these are fuzzy socks, but they barely look like fuzzy slipper socks, so I can totally wear them without people noticing. So YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Fashion as it must be; A collection of style-related imagery in accord with conventions and accepted standards as viewed elegantly simple. Style specific to the French, minimal, classic, and.