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a wooden desk sitting next to a white radiator in a room with shelves on the wall
Ruslan Baginskiy brand office by Rina Lovko | Architonic
a wooden shelf with books and other items on it's sides hanging from the wall
Smålands skinnmanufaktur | Black Noir Collection
Smålands skinnmanufaktur | SSM Black Noir
a wooden shelf filled with lots of items next to a wall mounted cabinet in a room
Designing A Shelf That Delights With Harmony – Blog FRØPT
a woman sitting on a couch in a living room
This Brazilian Home Is Inspired by Brutalist Architecture and the Owners’ Cat
a living room filled with lots of furniture and pillows on top of a wooden floor
Royale Play Luxe Stucco
Inspired by marble and other stone surfaces, Stucco Marble gives a smooth finish. Specially formulated for ease of application, Stucco Marble allows the tool to move smoothly and retains the pattern left behind. It allows for a range of finishes from glossy to eggshell in 5 stunning effects Marble, Cobbled, Slate, Igneous and Quartz.
a living room filled with lots of furniture
Royale Play Luxe Archi Concrete
Raw yet refined, Archi Concrete has an unfinished, earthy texture that gives an industrial edge. Available in a variety of hues and effects, this finish can be used as an accent or on all walls. The Acrylic Siloxane plaster coating ensures the desired effect on both interior and exterior surfaces. Making it ideal for residential, commercial, retail and office spaces.
a desk with a laptop on top of it in front of a book shelf filled with books
49 Stunning Japandi Home Office Inspirations: Blending Minimalism and Elegance in Your Workspace